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Evelyn Brooks began the Tolley & Brooks Law Firm in 1994 with Jay Tolley her husband and law partner. Mr. Tolley had been a Workers' Compensation Administrative Law Judge for eight years prior to devoting his practice in the early 1980's to helping injured workers and Arkansans with disabilities. Together Evelyn and Jay represented people in need and never insurance companies or corporations. When Mr. Tolley passed away in 2006, Evelyn continued on alone in the practice. In 2013, their oldest daughter Elizabeth Rose joined the firm and now also zealously represents injured workers and those needing Social Security disability benefits. Tolley & Brooks Law Firm has a deep commitment to seeking justice for the injured and disabled.

Tolley & Brooks does no radio or television advertising preferring to rely on word of mouth referrals from former clients and from other attorneys. At Tolley & Brooks, our goal is to make every client informed, respected and protected.